Private health Insurance –Facts you need to know!


Every person living here in the UK has had this debate run over his mind, whether or not he needsto invest in a private health insurance . If he has made up his mind that he must, he again is engulfed with a question of how much. This could be quite confusing as most of the people living here are covered by NHS.

Although they are doing a great job, when a person in the family or friend is suffering from a serious illness and want to check out the private practices, it could cost too much. This is when the private insurances come into the picture. Frankly, it might be difficult to cover your medical bills if you do not have insurance. This is quite a tricky situation as you are thinking of going against something that could cost a dear life!


In UK, you do not have to have a private health insurance if you are completely alright with getting treated by NHS. However if you plan to go for a private treatment, it could completely take you by surprise how much they charge and being without insurance could land you in trouble. Most health insurance is covered under your packages when you are working for some private firms or you could alwayschoose to take it if you have the interest and inclination towards it.


With NHS, how or when you are treated could make things best or worst. For instance, when you have severe tooth ached and your dentist appointment is not something that you can get immediately, and then you will have to look for private practices. Now a simple extraction could cost you a lot and you might have to pay out of your hands. This dentist problem although needs immediate attention but still could wait.




Imagine a person in the family needs immediate cardiac care and you need to go to private surgery that could cost a bomb without insurance. If you are a person who always thinks it is smart to be safe than sorry, then you might want to look at the procedure of getting insured.


What you need to knowabout Private Insurance


When you have made up your mind on going for private insurance, you need to do a basic research on internet on how it will work best for you. There are so many covers and you need work on everything before you choose one that will cover all your needs and that of your family. Basically, a private insurance covers the cost of all in patient treatments and even the day care surgeries. It means all your tests and surgeries are covered.


There are certain policies which might enable you to go for outpatient treatments as well such as a consultation with a specialist when you want an opinion.It is important to pick a policy that will generally take care of all the procedures without many hassles.


What a private insurance will not cover needs to be researched too. Most companies do not cover pregnancy and childbirth related costs or organ transplant costs and even the cost for the treatment of serious injuries. There are policies which do not cover the cost when the patient's health deteriorates because of an existing health condition. None of the policies cover any cosmetic procedure cost be or small or big. The policies do not support even chronic illnesses or even diabetes and hypertension related sickness



How do you make the decision?


You might certainly want to go for health insurance if you do not prefer to wait long for your chance with a NHS doctor. As per a recent survey the average wait time to see your NHS doctor and get treated is around 8 weeks. This could not be possible with people who need immediate medical intervention. Also if you think your profession needs immediate or specialized treatment that is better with private institutions, you might want to go for health insurance. For instance, if you are at arisk of getting seriously injured in sports or travel or any other, you should not think twice before you go for health insurance. If you are a person who has not been overly pleased with NHS service, you may want to look at your options!


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